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Established in 1992, PSI offers a variety of services to adults, children, couples and families. Since its foundation, PSI adopted a multi-disciplinary approach to individualize treatment and integrate the skills and styles of therapists. PSI's working policy is based on the belief that all the psychological services regarding individuals, families, couples, and children have to be offered under one roof with the cooperation of diverse professionals.

The main work areas of PSI are as follows:

All the services that are mentioned below are provided in English and Turkish.

  • Children: Children from all age groups are carefully assessed and their needs are determined with the collaboration of their parents. Each child is then referred to the most suitable therapist according to his or her age and need areas. Each therapist has knowledge and experience on different domains who always collaborate in case the child is being treated by more than one therapist.
  • Early Childhood Psychological Problems: Clinical observation and assessment, mother-child interaction counseling service, help children to acquire basic skills and abilities. Developmental Disorders and Autism: Measurement and assessment, special education programs (TEACCH, PECS, FROSTIG), speech therapy.
  • Emotional and Behavioral Problems:Measurement and assessment, play therapy, cognitive-behavioral therapy, improving social skills. Academic Problems: Measurement and assessment, preparation to school, reading and writing problems, educative programs to enhance mathematics and speech abilities, techniques to facilitate school adaptation, effective studying techniques and acquiring new learning techniques.
  • Adolescents: Socio-emotional problems, carreer decisions, relationship difficulties either with parents, peers or others. According to the needs of the adolescent, the therapists either provide individual psychotherapy or family therapy by including the parents and/or siblings.
  • Adults: Measurement and assessment, individual psychodynamic psychotherapy, individual cognitive-behavioral therapy, couple therapy.
  • Families: Parent-child interaction problems, attachment issues, effective communication and problem solving in families. Education for effective parenting, structural-strategic and solution-focused techniques, child-centered family therapy, counseling during and following divorce. Besides these main work areas, PSI organizes educative programs for parents and teachers, support groups for parents of children with similar problems, group therapy for children, adolescents, and adults and special programs such as 'expressive art therapy'. For the professionals working in the psychology field, PSI provides supervision, internship opportunities and training programs.
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