Psikolog Mine Kayraklı, İstanbul Psikolog

Mine Kayraklı graduated from İtalian High School in 2000. She received her psychology degree in Boğaziçi University in 2005. She worked as an intern at Şişli Etfal Hospital psychiatry department and Çapa child psychology department. She received her Master’s degree in clinical psychology at Istanbul Bilgi University. Her masters thesis was on ‘Expectations and Child Rearing Practices of Turkish Urban Middle Class Mothers'. In 2006-2007, she voluntarily worked at Marmara University Child Psychology Department, PSI Child and Family Counseling Center and Istanbul Bilgi University Counseling Center.

She attended several courses at Anna Freud Center and she became accredited of administration of Story Stem Assessment Profile (SSAP) and The Parent-Infant Relational Assessment Tool (PIRAT). Currently, Mine Kayraklı works at PSI Child and Family Counseling Center and her clinical work includes individual psychotherapy with adults and play therapy with children. She is also a part-time supervisor at Istanbul Bilgi University Clinical Psychology Program, Child-Adoloscent Track.

Mine Kayraklı (M.A.)

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